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Features of the track

The engineering solutions of Vilkyčiai Motorsports Complex allow organising both autocross and rallycross competitions. The track may be converted for competitions of one or another type in just a few hours.

The length of autocross track is 1,063 metres. The maximum width of the line is 16 metres and the minimum – 10.25 metres. The width of the asphalt covered start area is 14.5 metres. It can accommodate 12 cars arranged in chess-board fashion. The track surface is 100 percent gravel. The gravel is mixed with crushed asphalt, which almost doesn’t produce dust, it requires less watering and does not swell when it rains. Pits don’t form in the major turn trajectories and the crushed asphalt ensures good adhesion to car tires.

The length of one rallycross track lap is 872 metres. The track surface is 45% gravel and 55% asphalt. The maximum width of the rallycross line is 16 m., the minimum – 10.5 m. The start area can accommodate 5 cars arranged in one row or 12 cars arranged in chess-board fashion. The Joker lap fenced from the main track trajectory by a concrete fence.

In the dangerous points of the track there are wide “traps” of fine gravel where the cars that go off the track can safely stop without causing danger both to themselves and other participants of races. The track guards and special means of spectators’ safety have been installed in compliance with recommendations of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and the highest safety requirements.



Features of the track



Features of the track
Features of the track